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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

As the recently named “Best Bed Bug Removal Serviceby Philadelphia Magazine, Prodigy takes pride in employing research based, best practice methods to effectively eradicate bed bug infestations in just one day. If you are looking for ways on how to kill bed bugs, you have come to the right place.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment, is our passion because we know it works! Heat treatment for bed bugs is a safe, organic, and advantageous method with minimal preparation on the part of the resident. Using heat, we are able to provide you with a discreet, one day service, leaving you bed bug free in under 12 hours. The space is heated to a temperature proven in the research literature to fully eradicate all stages of the bed bug life cycle. We have our own equipment and NEVER subcontract our heat services – we do ALL of our own work.

We are fully licensed and insured to use the application of heat treatment for bed bugs in hotels, motels, and residential structures throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I think I have bed bugs!! What do I do now?

Try to remain as calm as possible.  When bed bugs are present, they leave behind evidence.  In our experience, our customer’s find droppings (black marks or dots that resemble a ball point pen or permanent marker stain), eggs (similar to grains of white rice), cast skins (look like an empty shell of a bed bug), or live bed bugs.

How can I determine if I have bed bugs?

We often recommend beginning with some form of monitoring.  If you haven’t observed any of the typical bed bug signs, or evidence we mentioned above, we find it is most helpful to put some monitoring strategies in place.  Our most common recommendation is to utilize interceptor or climb up traps, insect glue traps or insect monitors.  These typically go under or next to the feet of the area of concern (bed, couch, chair, etc).  The goal is to attempt to obtain a specimen so we can determine what type of pest you’re dealing with…


This is by far the most common call we receive.  If you have bites, the most important thing to do is rule out other pests or something non-pest related.  This is why we always suggest monitoring whenever the evidence are bites alone.  When bed bugs feed (i.e., bite) they process their meal and leave behind their droppings.  This also most likely means they’re growing and therefore shedding their exoskeleton (cast skin) or laying eggs.  Thus, when bites are present, we should be finding other forms of evidence.   Given that bites can be related to a number of pests and present for a variety of reasons, alone, they’re never a good indicator of bed bug activity.

I have an older mattress/dark sheets/poor lighting in my room… How will I be able to see them?

This is a great question! Sometimes, bed bug activity can be difficult to find.  HOWEVER, bed bugs are good hiders, but they’re not as stealth as they may seem.  Whenever this question comes up, we often recommend the use of mattress and box spring encasements.  These fully zip around the mattress and/or box spring to protect these items.  As the surface is bright white, the hope is any activity will be more readily seen when inspecting and monitoring.  Also, for peace of mind, it may be helpful to use lightly colored sheets and bedding to assess if activity is present.

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Prodigy Pest Solutions utilizes the latest technology available – to eliminate any cold spots + harborage areas for bed bugs. The blue areas in the video below show the “cold spots” in the bedroom – which allows us to maintain sufficient temperatures in order to kill all stages of the Bed Bug life cycle.

Heat Treatment

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