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Wondering how to get rid of ants? In recent years, Ants have become the #1 pest to invade your home. If you find ants have taken up residence in your home or business, contact Prodigy Pest Solutions promptly. Our ant removal services will be able to inspect your home, perform proper identification, and recommend an ant control and extermination solution.

Typically, ants can be controlled with a combination of good sanitation, caulking entry points and eliminating active nests. The solution to your ant problem depends on nest location and food preferences of the ants.

Types Of Ants

Not all ants are the same, but they are all alike in one respect: they do not belong in your home and can do serious damage to it if allowed to stay. Ants do not work individually or even in small groups. If you have seen a single ant or come across a cluster of creepy crawlers, it is only a sign that a colony has made its home under your roof.

You should respond to this threat with decisiveness and vigor. And you should be absolutely clear in your mind concerning the threat posed by ants. Indeed, different ants cause different sorts of problems.

Here is how to distinguish a few of the most common ant species by the signs and indicators that they leave.

Carpenter Ants 

Carpenter Ants

These are big black ants. They do not actually eat wood, but burrow through it. The presence of saw dust, wood damage, and sporadic rustling sounds are signs that your home is infested with carpenter ants. These creatures are attracted to honey dew. They feed on meat, pet food, syrup, honey, sugar, jelly, and other sweet foods.

Carpenter ants are not as destructive as termites, but if they are allowed to nest and feed unchecked they can cause significant damage to the interior of your home over a period of years.

Pavement Ants

Ant Removal Service

They are small black-brown ants, but their legs and antennae are paler than their torsos. Pavement ants do not cause structural damage. However, you should not allow them to nest in your home, as the number of colonies will only multiply over time. A queen pavement ant gives birth to some reproductive offspring called swarmers. These swarmers fly out of the colony to mate with other ants.

Pavement ants can ruin the appearance and aesthetic integrity of lawns, which is why they should be dealt with decisively.

Odorous House Ants

Ant Removal Services

The name of these ants owes to the foul odor they give off when crushed. Odorous house ants do not sting and are not considered dangerous. They are, however, considered nuisance ants because of their tendency to contaminate food when they go foraging for sustenance.

For the health and cleanliness of your home it is best not to go crush odorous house ants individually, but to deal with the colonies as a whole. This is best done by calling in a trained professional.

Indeed, calling a pest control experts is the best means of ridding your home of an ant infestation of any sort. Ant colonies can be difficult to locate; and even if you happen to find one there is no way to be sure there aren’t others. Pest control professionals possess the knowledge, expertise, tools, and experience to locate and extirpate ant colonies wherever they may be.

Your home should be a place of sanctuary and comfort. It should not be a place in which you feel uneasy because of the presence of pests. Take back your space by eliminating the nuisance and threat posed by the ants that have invaded it.

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Ant Service Review

Prodigy pest control was extremely professional and prompt with their scheduled appointment. Their staff was very comforting and knowledgeable, made sure to educate me on preventatives and routine maintaince for keeping a pest free home. Highly recommend!

Gabrielle F.

Philadelphia, PA

Ant Service Review

I am very satisfied with Prodigy. Sabrina is on top of everything, to the point of personal contact through text and their Tech was very thorough and diligent. I am very happy and will continue to utilize their services from hereout.

Dan M.

Delaware County, PA, Pest Treatment: Ants

Did You Know?

  • There are more than 700 ant species found in the U.S., although only about 25 species commonly infest homes.
  • Some of the Common Ants you will find in the Tri-State Area include the Carpenter Ant, Odorous House Ant and the Pavement Ant.
  • Ants are social insects that typically live in underground colonies. Depending on the species, ant colonies can consist of millions of ants.
  • Ants go through the same process to reach adult hood, this is known as the ant life cycle. The life cycle process can take anywhere from a few weeks to up to a year to complete.
  • Ants will eat practically any kind of food, but are especially attracted to sweets.
  • Even though ants are similar structure, ants vary in overall appearance.


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