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Bed Bug Exterminators in Montgomery County, PA

Bed Bug professionals, or exterminators in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania have been busy lately. As you may have recently heard, this area has become one of the most infested locations in the United States in recent years. With the increase in pesticide resistance, and the lack of knowledge surrounding these tough pests, anyone dealing with bed bugs needs professionals like Prodigy Pest Solutions to solve their problems. It is our passion to remove bed bugs from your home or business in Montgomery County, PA.

Our method consists of what is called a Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs. It is a safe approach that allows us to eradicate your pest problem as quickly as possible. Many of our customers choose to have this option performed to eliminate the amount of time required to solve the problem. Prodigy uses research based methods, by killing bed bugs with heat. Bed Bugs die at a temperature of 122 degrees, if exposed for just one minute. For this reason, we heat your home or business to approximately 140 degrees for 3.5 hours, enabling all life stages to be eliminated. This includes bed bug eggs, nymphs (babies) and adults.

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